AV World WordPress with WooCommerce Website Rebuild

This client was already using WordPress and the WP e-commerce shopping plugin. Kiwise advised to use the WooCommerce technology and we were able to migrate the old site to the new Genesis and WooCommerce technology. The website went from 3,000 visits to between 5,000 to 6,000 visits a month. The site recorded over $60,000 within 4 months. The site … [Read more...]

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation Guide

free seo grader tools

In this Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Guide, you’ll learn 5 techniques to get targeted traffic from search engine results and some tips to prevent your website from being penalised. Once you’ve applied what you’ve learned in this introduction to SEO you’ll have a head start to boosting your website traffic. How to get FREE traffic to your … [Read more...]

Franchize Consultants WordPress Website Build

This client was using a very outdated cms for a static website. With the clients own design files we built the new website with WordPress. The site has over 95 pages and works well for the client to add monthly Blog posts and new pages. Another very happy client. Created: 08/2012 For: Franchize Consultants (NZ) … [Read more...]

Kiwis spend 62 billion dollars on shopping

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94.9% of the 62 billion dollars that Kiwis spend on shopping each year still happens offline. Yet eCommerce is hot and getting hotter. Perhaps that's because every month there are more than 110,000 NZ searches for "how to shop online" - more and more Kiwis are venturing into the online shopping space, and local businesses need to be there (or risk … [Read more...]

Adventure Works WordPress Website Rebuild

This client’s previous website was using a basic cms and was getting very little traffic. We rebuilt the website with WordPress, built custom forms for the enquiries and within 12 months the site gets 900 website visits per month. Created: 04/2012 For: Adventure Works … [Read more...]